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Duck in the oven:

On 6 servings: duck - 3-3,5 kg, 3 large Antonovka Apple, cranberry or cowberry, about 2 kg of potatoes, honey, salt, pepper. Duck wash, RUB with salt and pepper. From apples remove the core, cut into small pieces and fill them duck. The more apples will fit, the more aromatic and tastier get a duck. Sew up the duck cotton or linen thread. So the wings are not burnt, wrap them with foil. Potatoes wash out and cut into circles with a thickness of 1.5-2 cm. Put the potato slices on a baking sheet tightly to each other. On top of the potatoes put the duck. The potatoes need to during the roasting, the duck is not burnt, and the potato was able to absorb the fat. Put the duck into the preheated oven. I baked in a gas oven at a temperature of 250-270 degrees. Duck bake time from the calculation: 1 kg duck 1 hour. Our duck weighs just over 3 kg, because she baked for about 3 hours. After about an hour on a baking tray you need to add water, because the ducks will drain the fat that will start to burn. Once you can wrap duck legs with foil. 2 hours after the start of baking, remove the pan with the duck, drain the fat, slice the remaining potatoes. Duck lubricated with honey, sprinkle on top of berries, put them to garnish the potatoes, sprinkle with salt and place the pan in the oven for 40-50 minutes.

Salad with shrimp and oranges:

Need: 30g.boiled shrimp 2 orange 30-50g. sesame seeds Refills 2 cloves of garlic .the juice of 0.5 lemon 2H.l. soy sauce 1H.l. honey The orange peel.Remove pulp from films holding over the bowl.From the remnants squeeze the juice into the same bowl, leave. To prepare the dressing. Crush the garlic,mix the juice of lemon and orange, honey, garlic and soy sauce. Shrimp roll in sesame seeds. Put in a bowl kravitch and oranges, pour dressing.

Meatballs baked in the oven :

Minced beef + chicken+onions Onion tomatoes cheese sour cream Minced meat to make patties, fry on both sides. Put on a baking tray, pour the sour cream sauce+water. Add the finely chopped tomatoes and onions. Supect in the oven until almost cooked. Sprinkle with cheese and put back in the oven until fully cooked.

Creamy soup with salmon :

Need: - salmon steak 300g - potatoes 4-5pcs. medium size - tomatoes 4 PCs. - 1 large carrot onion 2 PCs. cream 20% (milk less fatty version) - vegetable oil for frying -spices for fish Prepare: Salmon steak remove the skin and bones, boil in a little water with the addition of onions, seasoning for fish and salt. Steak to defer, onion thrown out. In broth (amount depends on desired thickness of soup) boil sliced potatoes and carrots. In vegetable oil fry the onion, then add the tomatoes, peeled. To disassemble the salmon, add in the boiled vegetables and blend, add cream (or milk, the soup was less fat), salt to taste. Next, put the soup let him sweat on low heat for 5-10 minutes. Serve with greens.

Roast pork:

Need: Preparation: From pork to cut excess fat,rinsed, cut into thin rectangles, season with salt and pepper. In a skillet, heat the oil, put the meat and cook over high heat 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the onion, cutting a quarter of rings until it fry until zolotistogo color. Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer for 15 min. Pour the tomato juice, bring to boil and simmer for 15 min. Pour the sour cream, stir, bring to a boil and cook for 5-10 minutes Remove from heat, sprinkle with herbs, cover and let stand for 15 minutes. On graner can apply buckwheat or mashed potatoes.

Mushroom soup with meatballs:

Need: - mushrooms 300g - potatoes 2-3 pieces - carrot 1 piece - onions 1 PC - parsley - paprika 1/2 - minced pork 200g - salted shelled pistachios 25g - 2 cloves garlic - egg 1pc - salt, pepper, vegetable oil. Preparation: Pistachios, garlic and chop the parsley, mix with minced meat and egg, season. Slice the mushrooms and vegetables. Meatballs fry in a pan with oil, to be postponed. Immediately fry the onion with the carrots and mushrooms. In boiling water polaitis sliced potatoes, season and cook under a lid for 10 minutes,add the vegetables to boil, then meatballs, cook for 5 min. Serve with greens and sour cream.

Buckwheat with chicken and cheese:

Need: - Any 2 pieces of chicken (thighs, breast, whatever); - 1 Cup buckwheat; cheese - 100 g; - salt - 1/4 tsp; butter to taste (a small piece in each plate). To begin, cook the chicken. This will require 1.5 liters of water and 40 minutes. After a while the meat will cool down - pour in the hot broth buckwheat and cook under a cover on slow fire until the water boiled. In parallel, we clean the chicken and cut it across the grain into slices. Following this, pour the meat into the porridge and stir. When filing on the table in each plate do not forget to put a piece of butter and sprinkle porridge with grated cheese.

Have a good day.

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