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The subtleties

The subtleties

Chicken meat is a natural source of protein, essential amino acids, iron, phosphorus and vitamins of group B. The young chicken skin, usually white, tender and legs are covered with small, yet the Horny scales. The age can be determined also by the tip of the sternum: the old birds he costinel and almost not bent, the young - elastic and flexible. • To distinguish between the carcass of the chicken and the rooster, you have to know that the rooster the skin is thin, bluish color on the feet long spurs. • The chicken was soft, juicy and white, it can be treated as follows: placed in water with vinegar and soak for about an hour. For salads the chicken is boiled. • Boiled chicken will taste better if, after removing it from the broth and top with salt, then put in a pan and cover with lid or towel. The old chicken broths obtained are not very transparent, and hard meat.

In the oven before cooking. better to put a basin of water to the bread

Proteins better beat the cold.

During the meal it is recommended to take. also, Salen - dill, parsley, lettuce, etc. - it improves metabolism.

Have a good day.
Low-calorie cake "Black Prince" podget not only as desert, but also for any occasion. (Find the recipe in "Baking")
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